German Shepherd Acts As Look Out So Little Girl Can Sneak And Watch TV

“These are the most adorable partners in crime that you will ever see”

German shepherds and kids make the best of friends. Any child lucky enough to grow up with one of these great dogs certainly has a best friend that will always have their back and be up for all sorts of fun.

But this little girl has more than a friend, she has a partner in crime.

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Guanlin and Nuomi are more than friends, they are partners in crime. They have been together for four years and the two are very close. Nuomi, whose parents are police dogs, joined the family when Guanlin was just a toddler.

Nuomi has been Guanlin’s sidekick ever since. When Guanlin is supposed to be doing her homework, Nuomi helps her sneak to watch television. Somehow the dog taught himself to be her lookout.

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In this video, Guanlin is supposed to be doing her homework. Instead, she is sneaking and watching television. But she doesn’t worry about getting caught because Nuomi is on the job, ready to let her know when her dad gets home.

Soon enough it happens, Nuomi hears footsteps and gives a warning bark. But Guanlin is so glued to the television that she doesn’t notice. Before dad can catch them, Nuomi gets her attention by tapping the corner of the table with his paw. It is only then that Guanlin realizes that her dad’s arrived.

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She quickly turns off the television and pretends that she’s been busy doing her schoolwork the entire time. Meanwhile, Nuomi acts innocent and greets dad as if the two of them haven’t been doing anything sneaky.

Nuomi hasn’t had any professional training to be a professional lookout. But he has always liked to lend a paw. He loves to help shop at the grocery store and even receive packages from the delivery man.

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The first time this happened the delivery person arrived on the doorstep with a package and Nuomi opened the door and took it, startling the man. When his owner realized what Nuomi had done, he took him to meet the delivery person so they could be friends.

Nuomi is a super smart pup and is also known to help the children sneak snacks. He’s adored by the entire family but especially loves hanging out with the kids and helping them eat their treats.

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He remained Guanlin’s partner in crime until one-day dad got suspicious and took a video, catching the two outlaws in the act. He shared the story on social media and now they have a huge following.

We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. These two are the cutest and the dog is awesome, everyone needs a best friend like Nuomi. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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