German Shepherd and Golder Retriever Taste Tests Foods-Who’s Pickier?

“We think Dakota hid his broccoli under the table”

If you took a survey, most dogs would say they love yummy food. But are some dogs pickier than others? To help answer this question, check out this taste test between two of the United States’ most popular breeds, a German shepherd, and a golden retriever.

The table is set. The tasty treats are prepared. What more could a dog wish for than to be a taste tester? Surely, this friendly competition is every dog’s dream. On this day though, the dream is coming true for Dakota and Coco.

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The taste test went like this:


Both dogs sniff the strawberry, but Dakota was the first to eat his up. Coco wasn’t too sure and rolled hers around on her plate. Not that interested, Dakota helped by scarfing it down.


The next nom was a baby carrot. At first, Coco seems more interested in watching Dakota eat his than she is in eating her own. Turned out to be a big no to that veg because she didn’t eat it either.

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Ice Cream

Looks like strawberry ice cream is next on the food tour and no surprise, both pups love their cold treat. Even though it started to melt, both bowls are licked clean.


Oh, yum to the cheesy goodness. Both dogs inhale their cheddar then stare at their empty plates wishing there was more.

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A little surprise here, Coco eats her kiwi before Dakota can lick the slimy fruit off his plate.


Next up is the red tomato. Dakota eats his before it even hits the plate. It takes Coco a few seconds, but she finally eats hers, only after it’s offered to her brother.

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The tiny green trees are up next. Coco isn’t having anything to do with the broccoli, and who can blame her? Dakota has his on the floor somewhere out of sight…his mom said he ate it, but we can’t help but wonder if he hid his.

Ritz Crackers

Both puppers love their cracker. Finally, something tasty after the nasty broccoli. Both looking around, Are there crunchies?

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Both dogs like the sweet and juicy mango but it takes Coco a little longer to eat her slice since she’s distracted by something yummier in the background that has caught her attention.


No surprise here, the two hams love ham.

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Dakota apparently loves berries because they vanish before our eyes. Coco just rolls hers around on her plate waiting for better treats.


The pups love the slice of juicy watermelon their mom holds up for them. So, polite about it, too. Two paws up for watermelon.

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Raw liver is next on the menu. Both dogs like it but Coco seems to like it a little more since it’s the first food she’s tried to steal from her brother.


Raw chicken legs are the final food of the day. Surprisingly, the broccoli boy is a little slower to warm up to his chicken but eventually takes it and walks away. Coco is too busy eating hers to notice what her brother is doing.

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Any surprises in the outcome of this funny taste test? Both dogs seemed to have a great time and probably are wondering if they can do it again tomorrow. This time with extra cheese and maybe some potato chips, pawlease?

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