German Shepherd ‘Saving’ Little Girl From Drowning

“Again and again, Thor shows what a smart, brave, and good boy he is”

German shepherds are so smart and brave. No breed compares to their all-around working dog versatility combined with their ability to be a loving family companion. They are simply the best but if you own one, you already know that.

There are countless accounts of German shepherds flying into action to find the lost, stop the bad guys, and save the lives of those they love or even strangers. Their intelligence and intuitions are truly remarkable.

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They have huge hearts, are super loyal, and are very protective. They live to safeguard their family yet are full of fun. They like nothing more than to be hanging out with their favorite people, playing, and having a good time.

So, for this German shepherd named Thor, swimming with his girls is probably one of his favorite things to do. Obviously, his family loves him and lets him enjoy the pool time with them on this hot summer day.

Thor is a good swimmer and is comfortable in the water. He seems to enjoy splashing about in the cool pool. But despite having fun, he doesn’t take his eyes off his two kids. Even while swimming, he’s got a job to do and he’s faithfully going to do it.

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When the girls play with Thor, one of them fakes that she’s drowning. Thor instantly springs into action and swims to the girl so that she can grab on, and he can help her to safety. It’s amazing how Thor knows just how to help.

This is obviously a game that Thor has played many times but also shows how smart he is. He’s quick to respond and willing to swim out to his girl so she can grab onto him and be carried safely to the steps.

The girls are so lucky to be loved by such an amazing dog. Their best friend is a loyal companion, faithful friend, and brave German Shepherd. It must give their mom so much peace of mind to know that Thor always has their backs.

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