1-Year-Old Baby Plays With Her German Shepherd Before Breakfast

“The way the baby laughs when she plucks the loose fur out is hilarious”

There is really nothing cuter than a German shepherd or a baby so when you put them together in the same room, you’ve got double the adorableness.

All mom and dad wanted to do is sleep but their one-year-old baby and her German shepherd had other plans. The two besties were up and wanting breakfast but first, they needed some morning cuddles.

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The baby loves her German shepherd, and the feeling is mutual. He loves to play with his little human sister and often lays down in her path so she can’t get by him until they play. The dog loves the attention and the little girl loves giving it to him.

As the dog sprawls out on the floor, the baby giggles. She’s so cute as she pets the dog and tries to get between his front paws. He’s so big next to her but no worries, these two spend a lot of time together and the dog is a gentle boy with the baby.

What happens next all German shepherd owners can relate to. The baby starts to pluck the loose fur off the dog. Since German shepherds never stop shedding, she’s got a big job ahead of her and thankfully, she thinks it’s hilarious.

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Dutifully, dad watches his baby girl interact with the dog. The two are clearly best friends and watching their special relationship makes any morning brighter. The dog obviously adores the baby and is very vocal about it.

As the two ‘talk’ to each other, each in their own language, you can’t help but think what a lucky little girl she is. The dog cries and moans, chatting up the baby. All the while she cracks up laughing, you’ve got to wonder what she thinks is so funny.

Most German shepherds are great with kids after a proper introduction and some training. Instinctively they can be very protective of them and make great companions when they grow up together. Since German shepherds are so playful, they make the perfect family dog for the right home.

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