Scared Rescue Dog Hides In Corner Until She Meets The Right Person

“No one had any idea that this story would end in such a heartwarming way”

As necessary as shelters are, many dogs don’t do well in the shelter environment. Lost or ripped from their homes, many are forced into a place of fear, surrounded by other scared dogs, sickness, and heartbreak.

Even though shelters and the hardworking people who work in them save countless dogs every year, they are the last place a dog wants to find themselves.  Not at their best, some dogs find it hard to be adopted simply because they are so afraid.

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Chloe was one such dog that was terrified of the shelter. She could only face the corner wall and shake. Despite her desire to trust people, she didn’t have it in her and was at risk of shutting down completely.

Thankfully, shelter staff reached out to a foster named Darvish who was willing to help. Once he arrived to pick her up, the German shepherd mix was so scared, that she was even terrified to walk through the shelter gate and tried to get back inside.

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Finally, outside the shelter walls, Chloe was still scared. She didn’t even want to get in the car, clearly fearful of what might happen next. Finally, in the car, she was terrified but allowed herself to be comforted by the woman from the shelter who was helping her.

The drive was an hour-long, but Chloe started to give small glimpses into the dog she could be. Despite her fear, she gently took a treat and gave just the tiniest of kisses. These were good signs that there was hope for her.

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Once at Darvish’s house, Chloe was scared to get out of the car. No one knew what this poor girl had been through, but it was clear that a lot of things in life were very scary to Chloe. What she needed the most was lots of tender, loving care, which Darvish was willing to give.

It took over an hour to get Chloe out of the car but finally, she mustered the courage to climb out of the back seat. She went inside the house and found a safe corner to hide, where they let her stay the first day.

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Around day 5, Chloe realized that she was safe and began to bond with Darvish. She became very attached to her foster and thankfully, her dad became a foster failure and held on tightly to his new best friend.

Because of his love, Chloe grew to trust and started to learn confidence. The two became the best of friends. Although Chloe had a long way to go, she loved her new dad and showed it with lots of cuddles and sticking close to his side.

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We hope you enjoyed this beautiful foster failure story. We love to share the transformation Chloe made once she knew she was safe and loved. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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