Needy German Shepherd Complains When He Wants More Pets

“He’s got mom giving the scratches on demand”

German shepherds share a lot of attributes, such as, they are loving, loyal, and brave. The opposite of lazy, they love to be kept busy.  Along with loving to play, their next favorite thing is to hang out with their family.

This is because they form super strong bonds with their people. They make great companions and are happiest when with them. As herding dogs, they don’t like being alone. To them, together time is the best time.

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But, they also have lots of differences. Some are all business while others are more laid back. Some are shy while others are bold. Some are funny meanwhile others are so serious that being silly is beneath them.

Some like to work while others are happiest chasing balls. Some are aloof while others are friendlier. Some love food while others are notoriously picky about everything they eat. Some love car rides while others get car sick.

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But then you have the dogs that stand out, like this Velcro pup. The cutie is so needy that he can’t stand it when his human stops petting him. So, he cries and grabs his owner’s hand and insists on more pets, right now!

Loving all the attention, the puppy smiles when he gets his way. He wants his mom to pet him all day long. Because every time she stops to do something else, he pulls her arm with his paw and gently nips her sleeve until she pets him again.

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He looks pretty pleased with himself when he gets more attention, too. He’s got mom wrapped around his paw, who is training who here? We think the clever German shepherd has taught mom how to provide pets on demand.

The truth is this dog is adorable and hard to resist. How can you not want to pet him when he’s so cute? You can’t obviously. We hope you enjoyed this adorable pet-loving pup. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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