Dramatic German Shepherd Unhappily Endures A Bath

“This reluctant dog has perfected giving her owner the stink eye”

German shepherds love a lot of things. Their people, balls, toys, playing, and treats, to name a few. Some of them even enjoy playing in the water. But there is one thing that most of them prefer to avoid…

Taking a bath.

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In this video, Misty is not a happy girl. She has that German shepherd radar going on and knows that her dad wants to bathe her. While he searches for the pet shampoo, Misty mopes around the house in the most dramatic way.

Making it clear that she would rather be a stinky girl, she puts on the poutiest face. If only her facial expressions could convince dad that a bath is not in her best interest. Despite her antics, dad continues his search for the shampoo. On this day, Misty is getting a bath whether she likes it or not.

Shampoo in hand, dad leads Misty to the bathroom. Dad seems pleased but Misty has had better days. Reluctantly, she is near the shower and sits while dad gets the water temperature just right. It takes some coaxing and pushing but she finally gets in the shower.

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Once inside, the theatrical pup puts on her best unhappy face. As she gets suds up, she looks so sad, as if her best ball is missing. Luckily, dad is quick and soon enough, Misty is rinsed off and out of the shower.

Once out, she dries off. The hilarious dog continues to give dad the stink eye as she roams about. She even sends him a look when she takes a bite of food as if driving home her point that she is not pleased.

Finally, she settles down to take a nap. But she is not over her attitude yet. Looking so sad in her easy chair, Misty’s heart must have been broken by the shower. The poor dog had to endure such a hard time getting fresh and clean.

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