Fun Loving German Shepherd Adores His Baby Girl

“This once mischievous pup transformed into the best big brother when his baby sister came along”

German shepherds make excellent family pets so it’s no surprise that most of them love kids. After all, kids are a source of fun and entertainment for these busy dogs. Plus, guarding their little ones gives them purpose and a job.

Since they’re naturally protective, there’s no safer child than the one sharing their life with a brave German shepherd. Nothing gets past these wonderful dogs. Parents can sleep well at night knowing that their German shepherd will always have their back.

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Take Loki and Tallulah, for example. These two have been besties since the day Tallulah came home from the hospital with her parents. Loki a now three-year-old German shepherd, loves his little sister. The two are inseparable in the most adorable of ways.

Tallulah was born when Loki was about two-years-old. The happy-go-lucky dog lovingly welcomed the new baby into the home. He adored her from the start. They share a strong bond and Tallulah has zero fear of her big furry brother.

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Loki is helping raise his baby sister German shepherd style. Not only does he watch over her, but he also makes her laugh all the time. The two know the same tricks, like high five. He’s the best gentle boy when he’s around his sister.

But he wasn’t always the most obedient dog like he is today. Before Tallulah came along, Loki was a bit mischievous. Growing up he liked to do whatever he wanted and had a stubborn streak. He seemed to enjoy getting into a little trouble and pushing his dad’s buttons.

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His dad says he was a naughty dog and too intelligent for his own good. Loki could make dad look like not the best trainer by refusing to listen to what he asked him. Loki seemed to enjoy ignoring his dad while getting into trouble.

But all that changed once Tallulah was born. Loki the loveable mischief-maker transformed into Loki the best big brother. Rather than getting into things to get attention from dad, he now spends all his time watching over his baby sister.

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The love these two share is the sweetest thing to see. They spend all their time just chilling out, playing, or sharing snacks. Tallulah is a such lucky baby to have a loyal dog to grow up with.

We hope you enjoyed the video of this sweet baby with her best friends. As always, please feel free to share.

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