Police Dog Saves His Handler From Dangerous Criminal

“None of the officers could see the armed suspect but the dog sprang into action before it was too late”

German shepherds are truly heroic. There are countless accounts of their self-sacrifice while serving in the police and military. But there are also numerous examples of how willing they are to protect their families.

While some German shepherds are highly trained to respond to threats, others just step up when needed most. As herding dogs, they are naturally protective and have a strong instinct to safeguard people and even other animals.

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Sergeant Bill Dodd of the Calgary, Alberta Police Department is an officer who was lucky enough to work with one of these canine heroes on the department’s K9 unit. From the time he met Oden, his K9 partner, he quickly learned why the dog had a reputation for being fierce and aggressive.

But Oden was not all business. He also had a softer side. He lived in the Dodd’s home when he wasn’t on duty. He was not vicious; he was simply highly trained to do a hard job. He was also a great companion to Dodd’s wife and kid. He was truly the perfect police k9.

One night Sergeant Dodd and Oden are called to a dangerous situation where a felon is shooting at police officers. The armed suspect is known by police and has a history of drugs and violence. The officer knew the situation could easily escalate out of control.

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Having come from another officer’s funeral that very same day, Sergeant Dodd was concerned about his safety as well as Oden’s. However, he knew Oden was a great partner as he had proved himself time and time again.

Sergeant Dodd starts searching for the suspect, soon Oden has the suspect’s scent. The tactical team follows Oden to a dark backyard. Because of the dog’s leading, they can identify the hot spots in the dark.  They then had a good idea of where the suspect might be hiding.

The situation was dire because the team and Oden were exposed, and they couldn’t see the suspect. Venerable, Officer Dodd knew Oden was exposed to danger. Finally, a team member’s flashlight illuminated the suspect and Oden sprang into action. He immediately grabbed the armed suspect’s right arm, preventing him from firing his weapon.

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Thanks to Oden, no shots were fired that night and all the officers went home safe. Oden did exactly what he was supposed to do and protected the team perfectly.

Oden eventually retired.  By the time he did, he was responsible for 300 arrests. After his retirement, he remained with Sargent Dodd to live out the rest of his life with their family. The Sergeant even switched jobs to ensure he could adopt Oden and stay together.

Although Oden has since passed away, his memory will never die. He is a true hero. His service went far to protect the people of Calgary.

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