Adorable German Shepherd Puppy Thinks He’s An Alarm Clock

“Everyone should wake up to one of these”

The one thing all German shepherd dog owners can agree on is that German shepherd puppies are the cutest. Smart, bouncy, and adorable, there is no puppy more adorable than a German shepherd (but don’t tell the other puppies that because we love all dogs).

Take this puppy named Jessie, for example. Isn’t he cute? At this age, he’s one ball of fluff, ears, and a tail. He’s perfectly sweet but will soon grow into a big boy so his owner better enjoy the little dude’s size while he can.

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Jessie is also super smart. He’s so intelligent, he taught himself to be an alarm clock! His internal timer goes off and he knows just how to wake up his person.  And it’s freaking adorable when he does.

Jessie gets up on the bed and immediately goes about his work of waking up his owner. He gives plenty of kisses and snuggles. The puppy version of an annoying alarm clock. The puppy is determined to wake up his person and it’s so cute. Everyone should wake up this way.

Jessie is irresistible so soon enough his human is awoken. There is no snooze button on this pup. But Jessie isn’t done with the snuggles and kisses. He’s so happy he woke up his person that he walks all over him and licks and nibbles his face all over, and never stops.

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Laying on his human’s chest, the puppy gives his person a lot of kisses and plenty of puppy love. Even when his owner fake snores, the little pup continues his alarm clock game. There is no way dad is going to go back to sleep on his watch.

German shepherd puppies are pretty determined so soon enough Jessie has had enough of this and wants to play. He tries bouncing around the bed, nibbling, and trying to entice dad to get up already.

Dad must be really tired because he’s not getting out of bed to play. Poor puppy, Jessie will have to take a little rest while he waits. But we’re sure it won’t be long before Jessie is at it again and dad will soon be taking him for a walk.

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