She Went To The Desert Every Day Until She Could Save This German Shepherd

“Without her persistence, this beautiful dog surely wouldn’t have made it”

How far would you go to rescue a German shepherd? Would you be willing to drive out to the desert, day after day, to gain the trust of a lost and scared dog that will surely die without your help?

That is exactly the situation that this kind-hearted woman found herself in. While out in the Mojave Desert, they came upon a lost German shepherd that was too afraid to accept her help. The dog clearly needed saving but didn’t trust her enough to let her catch her.

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For days, the woman went to the desert twice a day to bring water and food to the dog in hopes that the time would finally come that she could rescue her. Each time, the dog stayed away, wagging her tail, needing help but too scared to receive it.

Each trip, she would talk to the dog, pleading with her to let her help. The dog would sit and listen but trusting her would-be rescuer was proving difficult for the scared dog. Day after day went by. Soon, over a week had passed by and things were getting desperate.

Then one day the rescuer’s husband came to help her and finally they were able to trap the dog. Safely transported to her new home, the dog was stressed and emotionally shut down. Sadly, she was afraid of the people who were saving her life.

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But finally, with lots of love and patience, the dog slowly began to come out of her shell. She finally accepted food from her rescuer’s hands and from there began to walk down the road of recovery.

Soon she was allowing head pets and plenty of belly rubs. She was blossoming into the happy dog she was born to be. Watching her run around the backyard and play in the grass, it is hard to imagine that this is the same dog that was lost in the desert.

Happily, she was able to be adopted into an amazing forever home. Safe and loved, she became the wonderful pet she was born to be. Such a happy ending for a situation that would have ended terribly all because someone took the time to help her.

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