Scared Puppy Abandoned In The Woods Is Rescued Just In Time

“The people who took the time to save this beautiful puppy are heroes”

You must wonder how a three-month-old puppy ends up in the woods all alone. Was she dumped, did she get lost, just how did this heartbreaking nightmare happen?

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Zoey was at most three months old when she was found alone in some woods near a city. Lethargic and weak, the young puppy was huddled under a tree when someone thankfully took notice of her.

The puppy was covered in fleas and clearly in bad shape. She was afraid and suffering from malnutrition. Luckily, she was willing to allow herself to be picked up and whisked away so she could get the help she desperately needed.

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The first order of business was a bath and medical care. Thankfully, the dog they named Zoey didn’t have a serious illness. After some medical care and good food, she was soon wagging her tail as all young puppies should. She was going to be okay thanks to the people who found her.

Once Zoey was feeling better, she transformed into a playful pup as all German shepherds should be. Looking healthier, she was super adorable with fluffy ears and the cutest little face, ever.

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She loved to play with her toys, chase her ball, and jump for joy. It’s sad to think that had someone not discovered her in the woods, all of this would be impossible for such a sweet dog. Thankfully, she’ll have a good life.

Rescuers work so hard to save so many dogs, like Zoey. Sometimes it is heartbreaking to see how unending the cycle of abuse is but then the payoff happens, and a life is saved in the most amazing way. Zoey is certainly a good girl that deserves all the best life has to offer her.

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Watching her play, it’s hard to imagine all the pain and suffering she endured in the woods. Putting that behind her, Zoey began living life in the moment and enjoying every minute of it. She loves dogs and people and doesn’t allow her rough start in life to ruin her future.

We could all learn a lot from a dog like Zoey. We hope you enjoyed her rescue story. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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