German Shepherds Save Chickens From Sneaky Fox

“The dogs keep these chickens from becoming dinner”

German shepherds are naturally protective herding dogs. They consider it their job to guard their homes and property. Not much gets by them. Just try some sneaky moves like this red fox did and see what happens.

On this night, the gate to the family’s chicken run somehow became unlatched. An opportunistic fox must have been watching, just waiting for an opportunity to raid the chicken coop because he shows up at a vulnerable time.

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The fox sneaks into the chicken run and begins looking for a way into the coop. The chickens are now on high alert, clucking in terror at the fox as it runs back and forth, trying to figure out how to get a fresh chicken dinner.

Tensions mount as the fox gets more desperate to break into the coop. The chickens are getting more frantic. It’s clear that the fox considers the birds his next meal and is not about to give up on trying to get into their coop.

The clever fox is sniffs all around the cage, just looking for a way to get in. He examines every inch of the coop, circling the chicken coop as he tries to figure out the easiest way to get inside with the terrified birds.

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The scary situation goes on for some time but soon enough the family’s two German shepherds run out and save the chickens from becoming dinner. At first, all you can hear is the commotion of the dogs and then see the reflection of the fox’s eyes when they stop moving, he must realize he’s in deep at this moment.

The fox freezes as the two dogs run outside and chase him away. You can’t see where he disappears too, but the dogs are in full-on protective mode and determined, run all around the coop searching for the fox.

The chickens have probably never been more relieved to see the dogs. Certainly, their lives were saved because of the observant dogs. Had the dogs not been there, things could have been much worse.

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German shepherds are so amazing. They are always there to protect their family and for that, these chickens are very grateful.

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