German Shepherd And Husky Have A One-Sided Argument

“These two best friends are hilarious but clearly, the husky has a lot to say to the German shepherd who seems like he could care less”

Arlo and Appa are the best brothers. Adopted on the same day, they are inseparable. Each day, they have a lot of fun together. But, just like all brothers, they love to play and argue all the time.

Appa the husky was 6 months old and Arlo, the long-haired German shepherd, was only 12 weeks old when they were adopted. Since they were so young, they grew up together and got to enjoy their puppyhood with each other.

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Despite their closeness, or maybe because of it, they argue a lot. In this video, you can see them carry on an entire conversation. But it appears that Appa is the instigator of the two. No surprise, Appa is a husky, and they are notorious for being vocal.

Appa walks down the stairs and greets Arlo, whose chilling at the bottom. Appa just can’t stop and goes on and on and on, loudly talking about something super important to Arlo. Appa can’t stop talking husky chat and hysterically, Arlo just stares.

Is Appa complaining? Being bossy? Sharing the latest viral news? Doesn’t matter because Arlo continues to stare at Appa as if he’s thinking, “what the heck do you want now?” Appa keeps talking, only taking a little break to scratch.

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After scratching, Appa starts again. Meanwhile, Arlo is still staring. Finally, Arlo has had enough and suddenly sits up and belts out a stern little bark. This only causes Appa to act like a smart mouth and let Arlo have it.

Hysterically, Arlo lays back down and refuses to be bothered. Finally, Appa gives up and goes back up the stairs, complaining all the way. Which is probably the funniest part of the video. Appa is done talking now-talk to the tail.

But no one is concerned. The two brothers will be back at it soon enough. They obviously have a great bond and wonderful family that loves them a lot, even if Appa has a lot to complain about.

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We hope you enjoyed this hilarious video. Too bad we can’t read Appa’s mind. What do you think the husky is saying? Let us know. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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