K9 Ory Shows Off His Skills

“This K9 lives to perform his job and the streets are safer because of it”

Every day, police K9’s go to work in their communities right alongside their fellow officers. They fight crime, find the lost, and protect and serve. Their bravery is nothing short of amazing, but their skills don’t come by accident.

They spend many years in training and continue to train throughout their careers. They are constantly practicing and sharpening their skills so that when the day comes that they are called into action, they can deliver exactly what their K9 handlers ask of them.

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Just like the police officers, they work with; they work hard and often are faced with untold dangers while serving their community. From domestic disputes, drug trafficking, and stopping suspects, they are called on to perform all types of duties.

Ory is one such police K9 who works for the Clay County Sheriff’s Department. Ory likes to show off his impressive skills to his partner. He understands commands in German and English and executes them effortlessly for his handler during their training sessions.

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Ory primarily works in narcotics detection. This means he tracks suspects, detects drugs, locates things a suspect may drop, and more. When Ory does find evidence that a suspect may try to toss away, he lays down to let his handler know he’s found something important.

Ory gets excited to go to work each day. He loves to work and to him, it is just one big game he gets rewarded for. He does it for the fun tug toy reward. But that doesn’t stop him from enjoying taking a chomp out of the bite suit from time to time.

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He continually practices his narcotics detection skills, opening car doors to help his partner in distress, locating criminals, and stopping suspects who try to flee or escape arrest. He loves this part of the job and executes it amazingly well.

Thanks to police K9s like Ory, our officers are safer and can perform things in the field that would be impossible for a human officer. Since K9s have a much sharper sense of smell, they can detect scents that would otherwise be impossible for police officers to detect on their own.

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They are also fast on their feet, can chase and stop fleeing suspects, and go into places that would be too small or unsafe for a human being to go, like leaping through an open car window.

A big shout out to all K9s like Ory who deserve our thanks. They do so much for society and even risk and lose their lives over it. We appreciate all their hard work, as well as that of our police officers.

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