Police K9 Springs Into Action To Help Officer

“The focus on this dog despite the noise of the crowd is truly impressive”

There is one thing you don’t want to do, which is to threaten a police officer anytime but especially when their K-9 is standing by!

At a police demonstration in Front Royal, Virginia, the police and their K9 partners are showing off what it takes to be a police officer. As a huge crowd looks on, the police demonstrate the types of encounters that they have every single day.

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During one of their demonstrations, they are engaging a highly trained K9 officer to show the community what K9s are capable of and how skilled they are. In the demo, they are using a decoy who is dressed in a protective bite suit.

The officer walks over to the decoy and pats him down. All the while, the K9 closely watches every move both officer and decoy make. The dog’s eyes never leave his handler, and he doesn’t miss a single movement.

After the pat-down, the officer walks away from the decoy and back toward his K9. With a hand command, he has the dog in a down stay. But that doesn’t mean the dog isn’t focused on the decoy in front of him.

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Once again, the officer returns and pats down the decoy while the dog and crowd look on. The noise of the people is no match for the dog’s focus, and he ignores all the sounds and commotion going on around him. He only has eyes for the situation in front of him.

The third time the officer approaches the decoy, something changes. With nearly an undetectable movement, the K9 is triggered to leap into action and stop the decoy. Even in a bite suit, the man is no match for the strength of the dog.

The dog grips the man’s arm between his teeth, holding onto him until he’s given the out command by the handler. He then lets go and barks at him. As the crowd claps, the dog’s eyes never leave the decoy.

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The demo ends when the decoy runs away. The K9 wants to chase him but he listens to his handler and stays close to his side. The crowd is impressed and claps in appreciation over the awesome demo.

We hope you enjoyed this fun K9 video. It’s not every day we get to see what these dogs do best. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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