German Shepherd Hanging Out With 5-Month-Old Baby

“These two are so lucky because they’ll get to grow up together”

German shepherds have a reputation for being brave and protective. Popular for use in police, the military, and personal protection, they are fearless. But one of the things that makes them so special is their versatility and ability to be loveable family companions.

Warrant is a one-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd who is breaking the stereotype that German shepherds are vicious and aggressive dogs. He’s an amazing gentle boy. So, his family made this video to show the world just how special German shepherds are.

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In it, Warrant is hanging out with his 5-month-old baby sister, Aurora. He’s just chilling with the baby on the floor. Although his attention is focused on her, he’s very gentle. Even as he gives her kisses, the big boy is so careful, that he doesn’t nudge her off balance as she sits on her blanket.

Warrant loves to shower the baby with kisses. If anything, he’s intent on showering her with his love. But no worries, mom is right there and lets him know that he’s given enough smooches for the day, even though Aurora laughs and seems to think it’s funny.

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The baby is clearly enthralled with her lovable, living stuffy. As she grabs at the dog’s coat, he is super tolerant of her tiny hands pulling on his fur. Even when she plays with his ears, Warrant is unfazed. He’s just happy to be spending time next to his special girl.

Even though Warrant is trustworthy with the baby, mom is right there supervising their interaction. She steps in when Aurora tries to take a taste of shepherd because no matter how sweet Warrant is, no one needs a mouthful of his sheppy fur.

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Aurora is one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful dog to grow up with. The two of them will get to share many milestones as they both grow up together. Although both will change a lot over the years, one thing that will never change is Warrant’s love for the baby.

We hope you enjoyed this adorable video of a German shepherd and baby playing together. It just proves what wonderful family pets they make. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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