Two German Shepherds Chase A Fox Away From Chickens

“The way the fox flies over the fence to escape the dogs is hilarious”

German shepherds are herding dogs, which means that they are bred to guard the flock. The loyal dogs will not cause harm to the animals under their care. Even when the herd happens to be a flock of chickens.

In this video, in broad daylight, a fox sneaks its way into a backyard chicken coop. The crafty fox is on a mission and heads directly toward the chicken coup, looking for a way to break in and get to the birds.

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But the fox is out of luck on this day, no chicken nugget lunch happening here. And that’s because two German shepherds are on duty and not about to let the fox get into the hen house on their watch. No way.

The German shepherds are on point, too. They race out the back door and across the porch, charging toward the fox. The fox must be freaking out at this point, realizing not only are lunch plans off, but the fox is also at risk of becoming toast.

The dogs race after the fox, who is in mortal fear, makes a run for it. The fox races across the backyard with the two dogs hot on its tail. And that’s when the most hilarious thing happens, the fox leaps over the fence like a flying Ninja and somehow gets away.

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The fox has escaped on this day but most likely, it will try to steal chickens some other day. But when it does, those German shepherds will be waiting to protect the birds again. Next time, the fox may not be so lucky so if it’s smart, it will find another place to hunt.

If, like us, you can’t get enough of the fox flying over the fence, no worries. The video replays the scene in slow motion for your viewing pleasure. It’s just as funny to watch the second time as the first time.

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We hope you enjoyed watching these two German shepherds protecting the chickens from the fox. They sure did a good job and seemed to enjoy it, too. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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