German Shepherd Just Thinks He’s One Of The Boys

“This dog is totally legit and then some. He’s just too cool hangin’ with his crew”

This hilarious German shepherd is just one of the bros…the only thing he’s missing is his own red Solo cup and some shades.

When it’s time to chill with the boys, this dog is ready to roll. He’s kicking it on a sunny Saturday with his crew, who just happen to be hanging in the Jacuzzi.

TikTok | hieeangel

The way he looks into the camera, so nonchalant…like, there is nothing to see here, “it’s just another party with my dawgs…”

The guys are so chill about it too like there is nothing unusual going on. This clearly isn’t their first rodeo… Just the boys and their German shepherd catching some rays and knocking back a few cold ones.

The furry dude is totally one of the guys, only way cooler. It’s no wonder that @Hieeangel already has over 3.4 million views on her TikTok account in just a few days! Her caption is hilarious too:

TikTok | hieeangel

“Your German shepherd thinks he’s one of the boys.” And he clearly does.

Angel Herrera, the creator, wants it to be clear, the dog is not only the coolest, but he’s also totally safe. She writes, “The heater in the hot tub isn’t on! He’s just having a good day, with good company.”

There is nothing like a spa day with the boys. We wish we could hear what this dog is thinking…one thing is for sure he’s got his boys right there and he’s the happiest doggo about it. He’s living large and probably hoping for someone to fire up the grill.

TikTok | hieeangel

This dog is living proof that German shepherds are just the coolest, greatest dogs around. There is no other dog that can do it quite as a German shepherd does. The dog is totally legit and then some.

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