9-Year-Old German Shepherd Named Sarge Fosters Orphaned Fawns

“It’s as though his calling in life is to care for the orphaned fawns until they are strong enough to return to the wild”

German shepherds have a reputation for being tough and protective. But they also have a gentle side. For this German shepherd, he has really tapped into his shepherd instincts and cares for orphaned fawns.

Sarge is a 9-year-old German shepherd who belongs to Cheryl Stephan. Cheryl has a soft spot for orphaned animals and has taken in many over the years. She’s even fostered orphaned fawns.

Buckwheat was the first fawn that Cheryl ever fostered. When Buckwheat first arrived, Cheryl expected Sarge to be gentle with the fawn because he had always been kind to all the animals that they helped.

But this time, it was different.  As soon as Sarge met the Buckwheat, he was smitten with him. He was drawn to the spotted baby and showered it with kindness and compassion. Right away, Sarge appointed himself as the fawn’s friend and protector.

Before long, Sarge was mothering the fawn as best as he could. He watched over the helpless deer and was involved in all aspects of his care, including feeding times and cuddling with him.

As Buckwheat got stronger, wherever he went, Sarge followed. The fawn never left Sarge’s sight. And, when he began to grow a little bigger and bolder and began to venture farther away, Sarge was right there to lead him back to the safety of their home. 

As the fawn grew and became a strong deer, it became clear that it was time for him to return to the wild. This made Sarge sad but not for long because soon there were more deer for Sarge to foster.

Out of all the animals that Cheryl has helped, Sarge seems to have an extra dose of empathy for the orphaned deer. He has proved over the years that his calling in life is to help these little innocent animals until they could live on their own.

He loves his job babysitting deer. The images of him taking care of his babies are the most adorable thing. We hope you enjoy them, too. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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