He’s Too Little So The German Shepherd Carries The Kitten Up The Stairs

“He’s Too Little So The German Shepherd Carries The Kitten Up The Stairs”

German shepherds are the most amazing dogs. They perform all sorts of tasks and always have the back of those they love. They are so smart, there is nothing that they can’t do.

They are highly trainable dogs. They serve in the military, sniff out bombs, find illegal drugs, protect our borders, stop contraband before it gets on airplanes, search for the lost, and take down criminals while serving side-by-side police officers sworn to protect and serve.

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Despite how hard they work, there is another thing they do well, which is love their family. They make great companions and always have the back of those they are devoted to. Even when that family member happens to be a tiny kitten.

Take German shepherd Tennyson, for example. A new little adopted furry has joined the family and Tennyson is acting like a devoted big brother already.  The kitten is never out of Tennyson’s sight and can already count on his big bro for help.

When the tiny black and white kitten tries to climb the stairs, it’s a bit of a struggle. The little kitty’s legs can barely reach the steps and the kitten soon realizes that climbing to the top is too hard to do alone.

But the kitten doesn’t need to worry. His big bro Tennyson is right there beside him, to guide and protect him all the way. Tennyson is not about to let his little bro take a tumble and is there to make sure he safely gets up the stairs.

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Trouble is, the kitten is just too small to be able to climb each step, so Tennyson does what all loving big brothers do, he gently picks up his little bro and carries him to the top of the stairs.

Of course, it’s no problem for the dog and he sets down the kitten so the two can snuggle and look at the world from their top stair perch. The two are just the cutest and Tennyson is the sweetest pup ever.

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