German Shepherd Chilling Out On A Pool Noodle Goes Viral

“Just a German shepherd relaxing on a poodle noodle, living his best life”

What else is a German shepherd supposed to do on a hot day other than chillax in the pool? Float in the pool with a noodle, of course.

In a viral TikTok video shared by @MohamedBoutaleb, an adorable German shepherd is chillin’ out in the crystal blue water, standing with his back against the side of the refreshing pool, with his paws draped over a blue pool noodle.

The dog is floating in the pool as if it is just an everyday thing…nothing to see here, just a German shepherd floating on a pool noodle. The dog is dope.

TikTok Screenshot

He’s so chill he looks at the camera like, “Hey, what’s up? Just living my best life here…”

But what makes the video even funnier than it already is, is that Don’t Worry Be Happy is playing in the background. Totally, this dog’s vibe.

The hilarious video has already gone viral with over 1.2 million likes, 222 thousand shares, and 22.9 thousand comments as of the time of writing this article.

TikTok Screenshot

We can certainly see why. This dog is super cute but the way he’s standing in the water just like a furry human is obsoletely hysterical.

German shepherds are super smart and playful so it’s not that unusual for them to find ways to amuse themselves, but this dog has outdone it in the cute department. He’s about as cute as it gets and so hilarious.

If we all could be as relaxed as this dog, that would be awesome. We hope he enjoys chilling out all summer long because he’s certainly mastered being the king of cool. We’re kind of jealous over here…be sure to read the comments on TikTok, too.

TikTok Screenshot

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