Rescued German Shepherd Loses 50 Pounds Once He Learns He’s Loved

“His physical transformation is amazing but his emotional transformation will melt your heart”

It’s hard losing weight so we’ve got to hand it to this dog who not only lost 50 pounds but also put his heartbreak behind him and embarked on his new life full of adventures.

When Tony was adopted from the shelter, he had just about given up. The sweet dog had been found as a stray, was adopted and returned to the shelter, and didn’t seem to have much to live for until one day his luck changed.

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Tony was adopted into a new forever home that was full of love and 8 other rescue dogs. When he first arrived, he was overcome by all the other dogs and by the stairs that he was too overweight to walk up.

Tony was emotional his first night there and tried to hide. But the poor Tony was too big and didn’t have much success. He was so heavy, that he couldn’t even stand to eat, and his inner athlete was missing because he had lost his ability to catch a treat.

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His new owner decided the best way to help Tony was to love him back to good health. Their routine started the second day at his new home. He was encouraged to play and engage with the other dogs. And, even though it was hard, Tony started to try.

After his first day of activities, Tony seemed to have a little more confidence. But later that day at the vet, they found out he weighed 147 pounds. They had a long way to go to get him in shape, he needed to lose 47 pounds.

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But his new dad knew that Tony had it in him. The first time he had to leave him alone, they learned that Tony could run because he ran down the road after the car. This was proof that Tony was beginning his new life.

Soon, Tony began to settle in with the other rescue dogs. The other dogs taught him how to play and helped him get the exercise he needed to lose weight more easily. As he dropped pounds, he even got a girlfriend, a St. Bernard named Lilly.

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It wasn’t long before Tony charged through life and went up and down the stairs. His personality started to shine and he even began to get into a little mischief, proving her knew that he was at his forever home.

Finally, the day came that Tony was healthy enough to go on a road trip with the gang. He got to visit the beach for the first time as well as many other firsts. His life changed and it showed on his happy face.

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With two pounds left to lose, Tony’s big moment came when he ran across the Brooklyn Bridge. After that, he weighed in at 99 pounds and went to show off his new figure at the Sacramento SPCA where he was adopted.

Tony was always a beautiful dog inside and out. But now Tony felt so much better emotionally and physically. He had a much better quality of life and was full of love. Way to go, Tony! We’re so proud of you.

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