Woman Trusts The Wrong Dog Sitter And Never Sees Her German Shepherd Alive Again

“She paid the ultimate price for trusting the wrong dog sitter to care for her pet. Sadly, there are sick people in the world so always be sure you can trust the person you hire to watch your dog.”

You love your German shepherds and want what’s best for them. You’d do anything to keep them safe. Even when you don’t want to, sometimes that means leaving them in the care of another person.

Ideally, all dog owners have someone they can trust to care for their pets. But sometimes those trusted people are just not available to do the job. In those cases, owners often must turn to professionals.

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No matter how careful you may be, mistakes can happen. Pets can have accidents or get sick leaving you to wonder if you did the right thing. But a true nightmare happened to Eva Hodgdon when the dog sitter she hired reportedly stole her 1-year-old black German shepherd named Nani.

WTAE News reported that the nightmare began when Nani’s owner hired a dog sitter named Moll Dunning off Facebook. Eva had made a post asking for help and a woman reached out, saying she was a nurse, had been a dog groomer before, and owned German shepherds.

Feeling confident because of the sitter’s reported experience, Eva hired her and all seemed to be going according to plan. But when Eva returned home on the 4th of July, Moll and Nani were nowhere to be found.

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Eva frantically tried reaching Moll, but she didn’t return any phone calls. Police were called and it appeared that Moll had disappeared. It was then that Eva learned that the sitter’s real name was Molly Bureau and that she had warrants out for her arrest.

A couple of weeks later, Molly Bureau was arrested for dog theft and is in the Westmoreland County Jail. But sadly, Nani won’t be going home to her family. She was still missing at the time of the arrest, but her body was later found next to some train tracks. The cause of Nani’s death was not immediately known. Eva said,

“We are completely and utterly heartbroken and traumatized. I never knew people in this world could be so incredibly cruel.”

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Our hearts go out to Eva and her family. It’s heartbreaking to imagine what they are going through. Always be certain you can trust the people caring for your animals by getting referrals from your veterinarian and friends.

We hope that by sharing this story we prevent any other pet thefts and worse. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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