German Shepherd Leaps Into A Bin Of Toys To Choose One For Herself

“This excited girl knows exactly what she wants and goes for it”

We imagine that every dog has a dream of playing with an unlimited number of toys. From softies to sqeakies, to balls, and ropes, German shepherds love them all. There is no such thing as too many when it comes to toys and German shepherds.

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Part of this is because German shepherds aren’t exactly gentle with their toys. They love to play rough with them. Biting, ripping, and tearing them is huge fun. Because of this, only the toughest toys survive.  Once properly destroyed, it’s time to break open the wallet to go buy a new batch.

Due to their love of toys, it’s no surprise that dogs get excited when they see a new one. Since they can’t shop online, happy is the dog that gets to tag along with its owner and goes on an outing to the doggy toy store. But it’s the luckiest dogs that get to go along and pick out their new toys.

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Sometimes, toys even happen when you least expect them to. When Shannon Emery took his one-year-old German shepherd, Mila, with him to the hardware store, it is doubtful he expected to run into a giant bin of dog toys, but that’s exactly what happened.

As Shannon and Mila were walking through the store, Mila spotted a huge assortment of dog toys in a center aisle bin. It was at that moment, that she knew she wanted one. As all self-respecting shepherds would do, she did her best to tell her dad that it was time for a new toy.

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Not shy about it, Mila sent a clear message by leaping right into the toy bin to pick out a new toy. And she did it not once but twice! The adorable pup was having the time of her life and luckily dad was able to get her second jump into the bin on video.

We’re not sure how many toys Mila got to take home that day but whatever it was, she probably had just as much fun picking out her toys as she will when she plays with them at home.

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Dad was a good sport about it and seemed to think her game was as fun and cute as she is. We sure hope you enjoyed their adorable video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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