Brave German Shepherd Confronts Thief During A Robbery

“Thankfully this ended well for the dog because the burglar was very brazen”

German shepherds are very protective, but they are also very smart. How they’ll react to a new situation has a lot to do with their training as well as their personality. There are some situations that are hard to train them for, such as the one captured in this video.

When a home invader broke into Kristen King’s house, he was picked up on her home surveillance camera. Brazenly going through her front door while her German shepherd barked, the burglar wasn’t deterred by the dog’s presence.

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The dog barked in warning, but the burglar picked up a lamp and even hit the dog to drive it away. While the security company was on the phone with King, they watched the scene unfold.

The police were called but, in the meantime, the criminal was inside the house with the dog, and King was concerned about the harm that could happen to him. She feared for her dog’s life and wondered what the thief would do next.

She was also shocked that someone would enter her home in broad daylight, while she and her boyfriend were at work. The thief seemed to have an idea about what he was looking for because he went to her room and stole her jewelry, wrapping it in the sheets from her bed.

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Although he stole her belongings, he also left behind strong feelings of being violated. However, if there is a silver lining to the story it’s that ultimately the dog was not seriously harmed because things could have been much worse.

The police went public with the video, hoping to capture the burglar. Scary to think that a German shepherd didn’t deter him from robbing a house in the middle of the day. We sure hope he’s caught.

Her pup was such a good brave boy that day, doing exactly what a German shepherd should do. Thankfully he also kept himself safe because jewelry can be replaced but the dog could never be and that’s most important.

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German shepherds are amazing and show us how brave and loyal they are every day. This is just one example of just how great they are. We hope you enjoyed this video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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