German Shepherd Is Reunited With His Owner Who Just Returned From Deployment

“The emotion on the dog is too sweet for words”

For German shepherds, when their owners are gone for five minutes, judging from their excitement when they return, it must feel like five days. These loyal dogs are truly happiest when their person is by their side.

Since they are herding dogs, they are the happiest when guarding their flock, it can be hard on German shepherds when they are separated from the people they love. It doesn’t matter if their human is on vacation, in the hospital, or on a military deployment, each day their dog waits for them to return, wondering where they went.

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Such as the case of Rocky, a German shepherd whose owner, David, was deployed for five long months. When David finally returned to surprise Rocky, he met him in the backyard. Of course, Rocky wasn’t expecting this and was stunned to see David after such a long time.

The reunion begins when the backdoor is opened. Rocky runs out into the yard to discover a man is standing in the backyard in a hoodie. Rocky is a little unsure of what is going on and takes off running toward the person.

While Rocky barks at the situation, the man bends down to talk to him. But Rocky is still uncertain. Something is familiar and yet not the same. That’s when the man remembers to pull down his hoodie. When he does, Rocky begins to realize the stranger is his dad, David.

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Rocky then goes up to his dad and melts into his arms. We dare you not to cry when you see how happy Rocky is when he discovers his dad is finally home. Soon Rocky is overcome with excitement to be with David again.

The reunion is too sweet for words so luckily there is this video that captured it all. As Rocky showers his dad with kisses, David holds him in his arms. We know that David must have missed Rocky and was more than happy to see his best fur friend again.

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We’re so happy that these two were reunited. It is always special to be able to see reunion stories. They certainly show us how deep the bond is between a German shepherd and an owner. We hope you enjoyed it. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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