German Shepherd Cries In Happiness When Reunited With Her Owner After 3 Months

“After 3 months apart, this girl was deeply missing her human”

German shepherds are very loyal. They form unbreakable bonds with their owners. There is no place they’d rather be than at the side of their human. Because of their herding nature, they are happiest when they are watching over those they love.

There is no better friend than a German shepherd. They will always have the back of their human and be up for anything as long as it’s together; adventures, just hanging out, or playing, it doesn’t matter to them.

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What does matter to them is when they are apart from those they love. They don’t do well separated from their owner for long periods. They are highly sensitive and able to show their emotions in many ways.

Take this sweet German shepherd, for example, she’s been apart from her owner for several months and unbeknownst to her, is about to be reunited for the first time. What a great idea to capture it on video.

We’re not sure why they had to be apart, but the precious pup has obviously been well taken care of. She looks great and happily greets her caretaker but when you see her emotional reaction to seeing her owner for the first time, it’s obviously what state her heart has been in.

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As soon as she sees him, she runs to him and throws herself into his arms. She then cries and cries as she spins circles of joy in his arms. As he loves her, she clearly tells him how much she missed him and how much she loves him.

Her actions are as clear as words. She is overjoyed that her master has returned to her. She even rolls onto her back in happiness so he can pet her belly while she carries on her cries of joy.

Some experts say that dogs only live in the moment and that they don’t have feelings about anything other than what is taking place outside of their immediate situation. Everyone with a German shepherd would probably disagree because those dogs experience emotions and miss those they love deeply.

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 We hope you enjoyed this sweet reunion video. We hope that these two don’t have to be apart again anytime soon. As always, please share with your friends.

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