German Shepherd Leads Lost Cop To House Fire

“Buddy was such a smart, brave dog. His heroism lives on with his story.”

Can you imagine living in rural Alaska with hardly anyone around and you suddenly realize that your house is on fire?

Bill Hendricks was working in the shed next to his house when suddenly a flame ignited some gasoline, and his home went up in flames. Springing to action, he quickly got himself and his German shepherd named Buddy out of the house.

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He told Buddy, “We got to get help,” and Buddy went running off into the dark night. Meanwhile, Bill called for help but due to the rural area, the first responder, Trooper Terrance Shanigan, was having trouble locating the residence because his GPS system froze up.

As the Trooper tried to hurry to the scene, he was winding along the backroads when suddenly he saw Buddy the German shepherd running along in the snow. When Buddy saw the Trooper, he immediately turned and started running.

Trooper Shanigan began to follow the dog, allowing his mushing skills to take over. Trusting that the dog knew where he was going, he followed Buddy all the way back to the burning house.

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The entire journey was captured on Trooper Shanigan’s dashcam. The camera recorded as he followed the dog down the dark, rural backroads with Buddy swiftly running down the winding roads trusting that the Trooper would follow him home.

Once there, Buddy met the Shanigan at his police car door and then herded him toward his burning home. At the time, his owner was unaware that Buddy had literally taken off to get help and was worried because he thought the dog was unaccounted for.

Due to Buddy’s heroic actions, he got his owner the help he needed. It wasn’t the first time that Buddy flew into action to save his owner, either. In the past, he had also protected him from a Bear.

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For his heroism, Buddy received a silver dog dish and a juicy steak. But the deep appreciation for Buddy is worth way more than those rewards. Although Buddy is no longer here, his spirit lives on with his brave story.

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