Lost Cat’s Reunion With His German Shepherd Bestie

“The way these two greet each other is so sweet”

Not being able to spend time with your friend is a bummer but what if it wasn’t a simple scheduling problem keeping you apart? For these besties, one of them was missing and the one waiting at home was so sad about it.

Clyde the white and ginger cat went missing, his family looked everywhere for him but couldn’t find him anywhere. So, they put up some lost and found ads in hopes that would help bring him back home where he belonged.

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They worried and hoped that Clyde would come home soon. Clyde’s best friend, a German shepherd named Triton, missed his buddy and was sad that his little kitty friend was missing from the house.

If you’ve ever had a cat get lost, you know how worrisome it can be. You imagine all sorts of things; you wonder where the cat could possibly have gone, and if it is okay or not. You worry about how it is finding food and water, did something happen to it, will you ever see it again?

Lucky for Clyde, a neighbor saw the lost and found ad, and Clyde was returned home after 12 long days. This sweet video is a capture of Clyde’s return and his reunion with his buddy, Triton, who was so relieved to see his cat friend.

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In the video, Clyde and Triton are snuggling on the bed, reunited at last. Clyde rubs on the German shepherd, clearly happy to be back in his house, safe and sound. Triton is equally happy and sniffing his kitty friend.

Too bad cats can’t talk because certainly Clyde would have a story to tell. Surely, Triton can sniff some clues on Clyde, but he can’t talk either, so that’s no help in solving the mystery of the disappearing Clyde.

Hopefully, Clyde is done with leaving home because it’s probably upsetting for everyone to wonder if he’s safe or where he is. Surely, his friend Triton likes it best when he knows exactly where his best friend is, right by his side.

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