German Shepherd Puppy And Golden Retriever Play Hide And Seek

 “You can’t trick these two cuties that easy”

German shepherd puppies are adorable and always up for some fun. But when you add a golden retriever into the mix, the games get even cuter.

First mom sets the stage for some hide-and-seek fun by hiding under a blanket in the kitchen. She gets down onto the floor and covers herself with the gray blanket. Then she calls for the first dog, Leo. She has a camera set up to catch all the action.

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“Leo come find me.”

Enter Leo the fluffy golden retriever. Leo obviously knows his mom is under the blanket because he looks at it several times but before he ends the suspense, he checks out the rest of the room for a bit.

Satisfied, he then goes over and sniffs at his mom. He begins to paw at her through the blanket before he finally tries to remove the blanket off her body. All the while his tail is wagging over this fun game. It doesn’t hurt that mom has treats either.

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Next up is a German shepherd puppy named Tiger. Once again mom hides in the kitchen under the gray blanket. Once she’s completely hidden from view, she calls for the puppy. Will he find mom as fast as Leo did?

“Tiger come find me.”

Tiger runs into the kitchen and immediately notices the human-sized lump on the floor. But uncertain, he looks around the kitchen a bit. It doesn’t take him long though before he is exploring the blanket.

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He sniffs the blanket, paws it, and appears to nibble on it. He climbs on top, “mom, must be under here somewhere.” Of course, he’s thrilled with himself for finding his human. Such a smart puppy. Tiger also gets a treat.

Next round, mom uses a decoy. She sets it up in the kitchen just like before but this time she hides behind a chair and calls for the pups. Leo doesn’t fall for her trick and soon finds her hiding.

But Tiger is carefully checking out that blanket. He sniffs and sniffs while Leo looks at mom, wondering what she’s doing behind the chair. Tiger apparently finds some treats in the blanket because he eats a little snack, he’s not worried about where mom is.

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Eventually, the puppy finds his human, and this round is over. Both dogs get yummy treats. This game looks like a lot of fun to try. We hope you enjoyed this cute video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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