Rescued German Shepherd Becomes Retired Veteran’s Whole Family

“It seems these two senior citizens rescued each other”

White German shepherds are beautiful. Standing out from the pack, they hold a special place in this veteran’s heart. So, when his white shepherd passed away, he set out to rescue another one, which gave them both a new lease on life.

When George lost his best friend and companion, a white German shepherd named Valabit, he knew he wanted another one. He reached out to a German shepherd rescue in Orange County, California but they didn’t have a local dog for him to adopt.

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However, they did know of a senior white shepherd located in Arizona that was at risk of being euthanized due to his age. When George heard this, he said he wanted the dog; that decision would change his life for the better.

A volunteer drove to Arizona and picked up Sam. Sam made the trip back to California to meet his new dad and the two instantly hit it off. They also had a lot in common, both were seniors that needed each other.

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George also learned more about Sam, he discovered that Sam’s owner was in the Navy and had to deploy. Unable to take Sam with him, he put him up for adoption. That sealed the deal even further in George’s heart because he was a retired Navy man.

Sam is very happy with George but considers him a bit unique. He’s George’s first dog that doesn’t play ball or like squeaky toys. What he’s best at is being a buddy to George and the two spend their days keeping each other company.

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George considers Sam special just for being alive. Thanks to George, Sam gets to live out the rest of his life with a friend who loves and cares for him. Because George was willing to adopt an old dog, Sam is alive today.

Sam has a place with George for the rest of his days. He’s such a lucky dog to have found a new best friend. We hope you enjoyed their sweet rescue story. As always, please share with your friends.

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