Beautiful German Shepherd Grows Up Right Before Your Eyes

“This puppy goes from adorable to gorgeous in a blink of an eye”

There is nothing more special than watching a German shepherd puppy grow up. From all their silliness during puppyhood to their awkward adolescent years, to when they grow into themselves as adults, every moment is special.

Puppies also grow up too fast, one minute they are a bundle of biting fluff, and the next they are facing down their golden years, they just don’t live long enough. Capturing the memories is important because one day that’s all you’ll have left.

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Luckily the family who made this video still has a lot of years left with their dog, Eiko Bear but they wanted to document him growing up. These are some of the special moments they captured from seven weeks to two years old.

We’re so glad they made this collection because the video is so sweet and Eiko Bear is more than adorable. From the first day they brought him home, to his first vet visit, to his first bath, all the adorable milestones are here.

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As the fluffy Eiko Bear grows before your eyes, he stays so cute. There are pictures of him falling asleep on his food dish, playing with his toys, and beginning his earliest training, and all of it is heartwarming to watch.

While you watch, it’s as if you can see him maturing into a beautiful dog right before your eyes. He gets bigger and bigger and does more and more big boy stuff. Such as playing with another German shepherd and spending time with dad, each moment special.

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You get to watch him grow in confidence, learn to swim and run on the beach with his dog friend. He even has two birthday parties, which is a little bittersweet because you realize just how fast time is already passing by.

His parents did a great job of capturing all his milestones and showing the world what it’s like to raise a German shepherd puppy. Eiko is a lucky dog, too. He gets to do amazing things and go on lots of drool-worthy adventures.

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We hope you enjoy the video of this beautiful dog and the great photography. We thank his family for sharing it with the world so all German shepherd lovers can watch it. As always, please share with your friends.

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