German Shepherd Endures His Bath At The Dog Wash

“This beautiful guy is such a good boy through it all”

It’s hit or miss with German shepherds, some love getting a bath while others hate them. Either way, one thing is guaranteed, they make a big mess whenever bath day rolls around. So, some owners opt to go to a dog wash station.

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Dog wash stations make it easier to bathe your dog. They’re usually located inside pet stores and for a fee, they provide everything you need to bathe your dog without getting all your walls and floors wet.

In this video German shepherd, Guardian happily gets into the car to go on an adventure. It’s doubtful that he knows he’s about to find himself in the local dog wash station but that’s exactly where he’s going.

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Once there, the beautiful guy is such a good boy. He politely greets the other dog while he gets his soak down on. So far, it’s not so bad but mom hasn’t gotten to the soap part yet, he’s still looking happy.

Here comes the soap and he’s still smiling. It seems to us that Guardian is enjoying his sudsing up. He doesn’t hate it all. He lets his mom lather him up from snoot to boot and really give him a good scrubbing.

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Time to rinse all the dog shampoo off and now he looks a little sad. Maybe he misses all the dirt that’s being washed away? But even with the sad face, he still is a cooperative boy and behaves in the dog wash station.

Time to dry off and boy, this feels good. Let’s a play a little while you dry my adorable, face, okay? Guardian looks like he’s about done with this bath thing and getting tired of the towels, but he’s still got another step to do.

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The blow-dry! He’s not into his blowout and probably would rather be anywhere else but still, he cooperates for his mom. He truly is the poster child of how a German shepherd should behave at the dog wash station.

We hope Guardian got a lot of treats for being such a good dog. Hope he stays squeaky clean for a while, so he doesn’t have to do it again anytime soon. Mom probably is hoping for the same thing, too.

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