German Shepherd Complains About Getting Pranked By Owner In Crocodile Mask

“He may have been pranked but not for long!”

German shepherds are super smart, there’s not much that gets past them. Ask anyone who’s ever tried to pull one over on them, they probably didn’t get very far.

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At times, it can even be frustrating to try to fool them. Sometimes it seems like they can read minds as well as body language. Just try to sneak a snack out of the refrigerator and they instantly appear.

So, we don’t know what this guy was thinking when he decided to prank his dog. Did he envision himself getting away with it?  We don’t know but the attempt makes for a hilarious video.

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It all begins with German shepherd Rocky chilling out on the couch when his owner enters through the door wearing a crocodile mask. Instantly Rocky is on alert, bellowing out warning barks at the mystery interloper.

His owner stands in the doorway with Rocky on the couch barking at him. Finally, Rocky gets off the couch, the rough on his neck standing up, and walks toward his owner and sniffs him. It’s at this point that Rocky is on to the situation…something isn’t right here.

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Back up on the couch, Rocky goes for some more barking. Then it’s back onto the floor for another closer inspection. By now, Rocky’s body language seems to be saying, “what the flip is going on here, who are you trying to fool?”

Rocky goes from alarmed, to cautious, to alarmed in a short time. By now he knows his owner is in there somewhere even if he doesn’t know what the mask is. Is it a new toy? A new game? He sniffs and gets face-to-face, “what is up with this madness?”

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Nose to nose, the two sniff each other and Rocky starts to realize he’s been pranked. He’s not happy about the crocodile mask but is always up for a fun game. He must have thought that it is some crazy new toy that doesn’t belong on his owner’s head.

Finally, mask off, Rocky cries and yips, “just what are you trying to pull here? I’m a smart German shepherd dog.” All in good fun, the owner did get away with pranking Rocky, even if it was only for a moment.

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