Adorable German Shepherd Explores Downtown

“We want what Guardian is having…yum”

Not only are German shepherds protective and loyal, but they also make fantastic companions. They love to go everywhere with their humans and are always up for a good time. These traits make them great adventure buddies.

Take this German shepherd named Guardian, for example. He loves to go explore the city. He and his person have a fun routine they like to do and of course, it involves doing fun things just for the lucky pup.

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His day looks something like this:

The day starts with a nice long walk-through Philadelphia. He and his owner spend a couple of hours strolling through the city streets and taking in all the sights and sounds Philly has to offer.

Guardian enjoys his stroll and gets to see and sniff a lot of exciting things. As they walk down the sidewalk, there are plenty of people, cars, trucks, and trees to keep a curious German shepherd engaged.

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Of course, everyone needs a rest now and then and Guardian knows all the dog-friendly spots. He and his owner stop and rest while Guardian gets a nice drink of water and says hi to another doggo, who doesn’t stay long.

When the break is over, it’s back to hitting the streets because there are still lots of places to visit. Like his favorite downtown dog park. Guardian is a dog-friendly pup and enjoys meeting other dogs. His human says he gets a little intimidated by big dogs, preferring to play with the smaller dogs.

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The park is a bunch of fun and also gives him a chance to run and play fetch, which is a blast for an active herding dog. After all the playtime, it’s time for a break in the shade.  When the meet and greet is over they take off to perhaps the best part of the day, a visit to Shake Shack!

Shake Shack is dog friendly and has a special menu just for dogs. According to Guardian’s owner, his favorite menu item is a Pooch-ini, which is a cup filled with yummy vanilla frozen custard with a couple of crunchy dog biscuits sticking out of the top.

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We hope you enjoy watching Guardian wrap up his fun-filled day by licking up his delicious frozen treat. From the looks of it, he enjoyed every last drop. Be sure to watch for more German shepherd adventures. As always, please share with your friends.

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