Refugee Carries His Old German Shepherd To Escape Ukraine

“Even though she was too weak to make it on her own, there was no way her family would leave her behind”

Dogs are family and you don’t leave family behind.

In the worst imaginable of circumstances, what would you do to save your dogs? Would you risk your own life to ensure that your dogs were safe? This is the tragic situation that some people in the war-ravaged Ukraine found themselves in.

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After a sixteen-hour drive toward Poland, a Ukrainian refugee family who escaped from Kyiv reached a small village 10 miles from the border. From there they had to walk for the remainder of the journey because they brought their family pets.

Mercifully, Poland allowed the refugee pets to enter the country unhindered but first, they had to get them to the border. For some, it was too difficult to take their pets with them but for this family, there was no other option they’d consider.

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It was minus seven degrees outside and very cold when they started on foot. Yes, there was a bus service, but they were unable to use it because they opted to take their pets. So, crying children in tow, they had no choice but to walk to the border.

For a family with children and pets, the walk would have been very long in the best of circumstances. But this situation was far from the best. But they had with them everything they valued most, their children, pets, and a few belongings.

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One of their most valuable possessions was a 12.5-year-old German shepherd who was having trouble making the trip. She was old, tired, and couldn’t stand up some of the time.  She needed a lot of rest stops and water breaks.

But, despite the dog’s old age and health conditions, there was no way her family would leave her behind to die. They willingly made the trip, even carrying her some of the way although she slowed them down.

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Slung over her owner’s shoulder part of the time, the senior dog journeyed toward the border with the rest of her family. Unlike some of the animals that people were forced to leave behind, this sweet soul was so special that they would have done anything in their power to keep her safe.

Thankfully, they all reached Poland to safety. Although, the husband and father did return to Ukraine to help other family members escape.  We can only hope that their entire family made it to safety.

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We hope you enjoyed this story of heroism. It touches our hearts that this family was willing to sacrifice so much to ensure their beloved dog made the trip with them. We can’t imagine how difficult it was, but we are so relieved they made it to safety, together. Please share this wonderful story with your friends.

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