Ukrainian Soldiers Save Abandoned Russian Special Forces Belgian Malinois

“The rescued warrior dog showed his appreciation by switching sides”

Military dogs deserve nothing but honor and respect. These highly trained dogs proudly serve alongside their human handlers. In war zones, they perform their duties while in great danger and often under stress.

The military values its dogs and does their best to protect and care for them. That’s why it’s unfathomable that Russian special forces would abandon one of their dogs and leave him starving to death.

But, that’s what they did.

Luckily, Ukrainian soldiers found the 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, still wearing his Russian-issued camo collar, in the Mykolaiv region and decided to save his life. They nursed the emaciated dog back to health and then trained him to understand Ukrainian commands.

Ukrainians have a deep love and admiration for dogs. Once Max grasped the language, Soldiers in the Ukrainian Army taught Max how to sweep for mines right alongside them. They don’t mince words when it comes to their opinion of what the Russian Army did:

A member of the National Guard of Ukraine, Dmitry, said, “’From now on, Max will serve on the right side, defending Ukraine and nibbling Russian asses.”

So basically, Max has switched sides and is now proudly serving with the Ukrainian Army, where he is loved and appreciated. He’s a soldier favorite, here are some things his comrades have reportedly said about him:

“Max has become a real favorite of the guards.”

“We can’t understand why the Russians would leave behind such a lovely animal.”

“Ukrainians love dogs, they regard them as part of the family.”

“They are tremendously loyal but Max has obviously been convinced that the Ukrainians are now his new masters.”

“It would be like leaving a member of your family behind.”

“Very surprised that one of these animals was actually abandoned by the Russians because they are a highly-prized asset.”

Thankfully, these soldiers are well aware of what a great dog they have and that Max’s life was saved. A British Special Forces soldier told the Daily Star, “Malinois are the same breed used by SAS and the SBS. They are brave, highly intelligent, and athletic animals.”

We’re so glad that Max was rescued and able to help protect the Ukrainians. We hope he stays safe and thank him for his service. We hope you enjoyed this story. As always, please share this great rescue story with your friends.

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