German Shepherd Puppy VS Golden Retriever On Obstacle Course

“Who do you think wins the challenge?”

Can you guess who does it better, the German shepherd or the golden retriever?

What is it?

The Obstacle Course Challenge.

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Their owner sets up this obstacle course using bubble wrap, Jenga blocks, cups, water bottles, and other random things that they thought would create a good challenge. Both pups are ready to earn some yummy treats just for participating in the challenge.

Who do you think will finish it better, Tiger the German shepherd puppy or Leo the golden retriever?

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Eating Treats

The first challenge, get to and eat the treats-it’s a tie! Both dogs are treat eating masters.

Jenga Blocks

In the second challenge, Jenga blocks, and both pups jump over the blocks and nail it. Is this even a challenge?

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Single Row Solo Cups

This one is a bit trickier. How will they do? Seems that Leo knocked over some cups and from what we can see, Tiger is the clear winner and knows it.

Double Row Solo Cups

Making it more difficult now there is now a double row of Solo Cups. This is most definitely harder and will take more concentration.  Tiger solves the problem by blowing right through the stacked cups while Leo glides through the opening left behind to get his treats.

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Triple Row Solo Cups

Difficulty rating hard. The dogs will now face off over a triple row of solo cups. Will they make it over without knocking over the cups? If this was bowling, Tiger would have a strike. Unfortunately, it’s not but he did try his best and made it much easier for Leo to get through the obstacle.

Staggered Solo Cups

Will the staggered solo cups be easier to jump over than the challenging three rows? Leo handles the challenge like a pro while Tiger’s excitement costs him a few cups.

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Staggered Solo Cups, part 2

Facing off the staggered cups for the second time, it should be no surprise that Tiger carried himself over the cups like the stealthy canine he is. Where is Leo?

Staggered Solo Cups, part 3

For the third attempt, perhaps some overconfidence got to Tiger because cups go flying. Leo the cool guy he is, just shows up for the treats.

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The Cup Maze

Next up is the cup maze. Who will be named Master of the Maze? If the shortest way to reach your destination is a straight line, Tiger killed it. Leo ever so gently follows his lead but still manages to knock a few cups down.

Water Bottles

It’s time to jump the water bottles and this time Leo goes first. He tries his best but still manages to knock over a bottle. With his usual exuberance, Tiger flies over the bottles like the canine ninja he is.

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Double Row of Water Bottles

It’s a tie, both dogs jump over two rows of water bottles like there was steak waiting for them on the other side.

Triple Row of Water Bottles

This triple threat doesn’t slow either dog down and they both make the challenge look easy.

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Who do you think won this fun challenge? Of course, there was no real competition and was all for fun. Both pups win the Master of Cuteness, and their owner gets props for coming up with such a fun game for them.

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