German Shepherd Meets Two Newborn Kittens For The First Time

“What do you think this German shepherd thinks of the kittens?”

Rocky the German shepherd is in for a surprise. He’s about to meet two teeny, tiny newborn kittens up close for the very first time.

It all started when out walking with their three dogs, Rocky, Bailey, and Teddy, their owner came upon two defenseless newborn kittens. The kittens were so tiny, that they would have no chance of survival on their own.

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So, Rocky’s owner took the kittens home and warmed and fed them. Once their most urgent needs were met, they contacted a friend whose cat had recently given birth. Fortunately, it turned out that the momma cat was willing to accept the kittens as her own.

As adorable as they were, Rocky’s owners wished they could keep them. But it was best for the kittens to be with the mother cat who could nurse and care for them along with her own kittens. Once old enough, they would then be adopted into their forever homes.

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Fortunately, before the kittens went to their new mom, they were able to film Rocky meeting the kittens for the first time.  You won’t want to miss the video because it’s adorable.  The beautiful German shepherd is so tender with the helpless kittens, we promise it will warm your heart.

Snuggled up on a purple towel on the bed, the tiny mewling kittens notice Rocky is nearby. He gently lifts his two front paws onto the bed so he can get a closer sniff of the newborn kittens. He gently sniffs the kittens as they try to move closer to his nose, which is way bigger than they are.

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Not content to watch from the floor, Rocky then jumps onto the bed to get closer to the kittens. Like the gentle dog he is, he keeps sniffing the kittens and then sits back and closely watches them with a puzzled look on his face.

We wish he could talk, or we could read his mind because his expression is almost comical. “What the heck is this?” his face seems to say. Does he think they are puppies? Does he know they are cats? Is he worried about the helpless kittens?

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Whatever he’s thinking, he can’t get enough of them. He’s truly enraptured by their furry little bodies and it’s more than adorable. Finally, his human picks one up and holds it up to him. It’s the sweetest thing to see this huge German shepherd being so tender with such a tiny kitten.

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