Dramatic 8-Week-Old Puppies Get Their First Bath

“Which puppy do you think is the most dramatic?”

If you own a German shepherd, you know they can be a bit dramatic. They make it very clear when they like something, when they don’t when they’re having fun, and when they’d rather be doing something else.

From a young age, the clever cuties learn to communicate. They use their facial expressions, head tilts, ears, body language, and vocalizations to make their wishes known.  It’s hard to ignore them, especially when they’re so adorable.

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Take these 8-week-old German shepherd puppies, for instance. They’re getting ready to go to their new homes the very next day, so they’ve been dropped off to get a bath, blow-dry, and nail trim.

What do they think of this bath business? Watch and see…

The puppies are covered with pee and stink, according to the groomer. She picks the fluffiest one first, an adorable female who thinks her life is over. The dramatic pup makes it known she is not about this bath business.

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The next pup is a male and much calmer than his sister. But that doesn’t mean he makes the job of the groomer easy. Nope, especially when she tries to blow him dry. The little guy is determined to get away.

The next puppy to get a bath is so adorable that he’ll melt your heart. This guy is the cuddliest and just wants some snuggle time. But the groomer has a lot of puppies to bathe and dry so he’ll have to wait for his new owners to give him the endless attention he seeks.

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The next dramatic puppy is a male. His cries, moans, and grunts will tell you he’d rather be covered with pee than have to be given a bath. He settles down a bit for his blow dry, but this little dude is a handful.

Puppy number five is also full of attitude. The spirited female puppy is very vocal and does her best to escape her bath, but the professional groomer is on to her and not about to let that happen.

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Puppy six is the most hilarious. The expression on his face when he realizes he’s next is priceless. He’s also the most vocal and sings “the song of his people” loudly. He cries as if he’s being tortured, even after his bath is over.

Puppy seven is also loud and rambunctious. He lets all that can hear know that he doesn’t like his bath one bit. Perhaps the loudest puppy of them all. This guy will no doubt grow up to be a big boy with lots of bark.

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Finally, another drama queen is the final puppy of the day. Not to disappoint, she also makes a strong statement that baths are not for self-respecting German shepherd puppies. But she does let the groomer finish so they can all go home.

The puppies are super adorable, and we hope they had a mishap-free hour-long ride home in the car. We hope you enjoyed the video. As always, please share with your friends.

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