German Shepherd Understands What His Dad Is Saying

“The way this dog can communicate s the sweetest thing ever”

German shepherds are very smart. At times, it seems like they can understand everything they hear. With their head tilts, intuition, and ability to read body language, it’s as if they can communicate with their owners.

Take this German shepherd named Buddy for example. His dad says he feels like he can understand what he says and even read his mind. He talks to Buddy like he’s a human and Buddy responds as if he can understand every word.

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The video starts when Buddy is told they are going out, but the car has to warm up first. Buddy tilts his head over and over as if he understands the plan and it seems like he does. Because next, he tells Buddy that they’re going to the store and if he’s a good boy, he’ll get to go to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. If his reaction is any indication, Buddy knows exactly what ice cream is.

Buddy is super excited about going to Dairy Queen. Riding along in the car, he excitedly tilts his beautiful head and chats about it all the way. He’s more than adorable and a super-smart, good dog.

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Finally, the moment comes when Buddy gets his favorite ice cream cone. He eats it like the nice boy he is and has such good manners. It doesn’t matter that it is freezing out, Buddy is enjoying every lick of his treat.

Buddy’s dad loves him like a son and has taught him so many things, like not to cross the street. It’s clear the two share a special bond and communicate on a deep level. When Buddy’s grandma falls and his dad tells him she’s not feeling well, it’s as if the dog knows something is wrong and shows his concern.

When they get to grandma’s house, Buddy is so gentle and tells his grandma how much he loves her. He does his job and cheers her up. He’s truly a one-of-a-kind special dog that his grandma loves so much.

Buddy is a lucky dog to have such a wonderful owner. He gets all the time, attention, training, and nurturing he needs to be the wonderful dog he was born to be. What a beautiful world it would be if every dog had an owner like Buddy.

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