German Shepherd With A Face Full Of Porcupine Quills Allows Himself To Be Rescued

“He was so afraid and in pain that he nearly shut down, thankfully he allowed these kind strangers to save his life.”

A dog was hiding under a deck with a face full of porcupine quills. Lucky for him, a kind rescuer arrived to comfort him and get him the help he needed.

A German shepherd was found under a deck with a bunch of porcupine quills stuck in his face. Alone and in pain, the poor pup was shutting down. Thankfully, a gentle soul knew just what to do to help him.

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The dog was sad and not sure what to do. He needed help but was afraid and in agony. His rescuer was kind and climbed under the deck and offered him words of encouragement and tried to gain his trust.

He calmly spoke to the dog and tried to calm him down as much as he could. It wasn’t easy because the dog was scared and in pain, he couldn’t get comfortable and was unable to help himself.

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The rescue team blocked off the deck so the dog couldn’t escape and when the time was right, the man picked up the scared dog and heaved him out from under the deck. He carried him to a crate and rushed him to the vet.

After the quills were removed, the dog was sent to The Humane Society, where he was reunited with the man that saved him. He looked so different without the quills in his face, that he didn’t look like the same dog.

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He was also a much happier version of himself and seemed to truly be grateful for the help he got that day. Without it, his wounds would have been infected, he would have been unable to eat, and things probably wouldn’t have ended well for the poor pup.

The German shepherd was the sweetest and nothing like the scared and skinny dog found under a deck that day. Soon he was adopted and began a fun new life with someone who loved him. But we bet he never forgets the help he got or the kindness of the strangers that saved him.

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He also has a new name, which is Buddy. Buddy has transformed into a playful pup, gotten healthier, and gained weight. He obviously had been neglected for a while and needed lots of TLC. But under all his neglect, was a beautiful, loving dog just looking for someone to care about him.

We’re so glad that Buddy was saved and accepted the help that he needed. He now has a loving, forever home and gets to play until his heart’s content. We hope you enjoyed his story. Please feel free to share it with your friends.