German Shepherd Prevents Injured Officer From Being Taken Off Life Support

“When he retired from the police department with his K9 partner, he had no idea that one day the dog would save his life”

Michael spent his career working in the K9 unit at the police department. He was responsible for the training and handling of police dogs. He worked with several dogs throughout his career.

But it was a German shepherd named Zeus that he was especially close to. When it was time for him to retire from the force, Zeus was only one-year-old. Since the partners were so bonded, Michael requested that Zeus retire with him and his request was granted.

Zeus was still a very young dog and had a sweet and gentle nature. He enjoyed his retirement and all that it brought him, which was lots more play and cuddle time. He settled into life with the entire family and everyone loved him.

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But a few years later, everything changed. It started as a normal day but Michael decided to climb on the roof to perform a home repair. As he started to climb up on a ladder, Zeus did his best to stop him by pulling on his pant legs.

Perplexed and annoyed, Michael asked his wife to take Zeus inside so that he could finish the job. She did as she was asked but once back inside, it wasn’t long before they heard a heart-stopping scream coming from the garden.

Zeus was locked in the kitchen but Michael’s wife ran outside where she discovered her husband had fallen off the roof and hit his head on the ground. Hospitalized, Michael went into a coma but as time passed, was not improving.

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So, it was decided that they would transfer Michael home. Once there, Zeus never left his side except to go outside or eat. Two years passed with Michael in the coma and the bills and stress of the situation were mounting.

It was around that time that a doctor suggested that Michael had no quality of life and return to the hospital, where he could be taken off life support. Since it had been so long and there was so little change, they didn’t have much hope that Michael would ever wake up.

Zeus carefully watched the exchange between the doctor and the family, who eventually decided it was time to let Michael go. But it wasn’t until the next day that the paramedics arrived to take Michael back to the hospital.

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But Zeus wasn’t having it. He jumped in to protect Michael from being taken away and tried to bite the paramedics. He finally had to be removed from the room and was tied up in the backyard.

Frantic, Zeus was pulling so hard on his leash, that they untethered him. He then escaped the yard and ran to the hospital. Once inside, he then stopped a doctor just as he was going to administer life-ending medication.

But miraculously, it was at that moment Michael woke up and told the doctor to leave Zeus alone. In a few weeks, Michael was strong enough to return home and greet his old friend that intrusively knew that Michael was going to be okay.

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Such a happy and miraculous ending. Thanks to Zeus, Michael survived and he and his family are grateful. We hope you enjoyed their amazing story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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