Their Dog Chased A Bear Out Of The Woods Like It Was A Normal Day

“They must have been stunned to see their dog and this bear chasing each other around like old friends”

You never know what might happen on a road trip with your German shepherd. It’s best to be ready for anything you might encounter on the road but there was no way these owners could have prepared for this.

When they packed their gear and hit the road with their dog, they anticipated the usual potty breaks and expected to make plenty of stops so their German shepherd could get out and stretch its legs.

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When they stopped along a wooded area of backroad, they let their dog out as usual but this time the pup made a quick run into the woods. They didn’t think much of it until the dog returned with a big brown friend.

A brown bear had come running out of the woods with their dog following close on its heels. The dog and bear appeared to be playing and having fun together, but the moment was heart-stopping.

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At first, they saw the bear run out of the woods and into the road with their dog right behind it. The dog chased the bear for a short way while they stood in shock watching the encounter and surely wondering what would happen next.

They didn’t have to wait long because soon enough, the game switched. Now it was the dog running back into the wooded area while the bear chased it. The dog runs away like it’s one big game but it’s impossible to guess what the Bear is thinking except, ‘the chase is on.’

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It’s then the owners seem to realize the danger the dog might be in and try to distract the bear. They yell and clap hoping the bear will stop but the bear ignores them and heads into the woods after the family pet.

Eventually, the dog returns alone and all is well. The bear is tucked safely back into the woods where it belongs. But the family is left with an amazing story to tell and the video footage to prove it.

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We’re so glad this dog was okay and wonder what the two animals were thinking. Doubtful the dog knew the danger it was in as it played chase with a bear, certainly its first encounter with one of the wild creatures.

We hope you enjoyed this heart-stopping video. It’s not every day you get to see a bear, let alone a dog chasing one while the dog’s shocked owners look on in disbelief. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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