Hilarious German Shepherd Howls With The Wolves From Zootopia

“When this funny pup lets it rip, you won’t even remember what movie you were watching”

What is this German shepherd’s favorite Disney movie? Zootopia, of course.

German shepherds are often found working alongside law enforcement. But even house pets want in on the action and enjoy a good crime-solving mystery when given the chance.

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And, since not every German shepherd can be out on the street fighting crime, they must indulge their inner K9 however they can. Most often, that is by patrolling their yard and home. But sometimes it’s by chasing balls. However, in their downtime, they like a good crime flick.

Take this German shepherd named Randall. He loves a good mystery and in this video, he is watching Zootopia, which is about a rabbit police officer and a red fox con artist uncovering a criminal conspiracy involving the disappearance of predators.

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Even though Randall seems to just be chilling out in front of the television and not paying much attention when a particular scene unfolds it’s clear that he’s been riveted to the show the entire time (don’t let his yawn fool you).

Because Randall is so into the Disney movie, that when a wolf starts to howl, he throws back his head and joins him. Sounding off like a siren or foghorn, depending on where you’re sitting, Randall nails it.

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When Randall sits up and throws back his head and lets it rip, he puts all self-respecting wolves to shame. He howls just like he was born under the moon and is channeling his ancient inner canid.

Randall is super cute and watching him howl to the movie is hilarious. He sure gives the real stars of the show a run for their money. When Randall howls, all eyes are glued to him and what’s on television is totally forgotten.

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We hope you enjoyed this hilarious video and our fantasy rendition of Randall’s mindset. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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