This Is How A German Shepherd Became Best Friends With A Kitten

“The two are not only the cutest, but they are also hilarious to watch”

German shepherds are very loving toward their family members. And sometimes that love spills over to other pets in the house, like this tiny, adorable orange kitten.

When this German shepherd met the new kitten for the first time, he didn’t know what to think. But with lots of encouragement from mom and dad, the first meeting went great and soon the two were inseparable.

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The kitten and the dog wasted no time getting to know each other. As soon as they were comfortable with each other, that’s when the real fun began. The pair found each other irresistible, despite their huge size differences.

Once they became friendly, there was no stopping their relationship from blooming. When the kitty wants to run around on top of his playpen, the German shepherd is happy to chase him round and round and even lets the little kitten bat his big nose.

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Before long, it was non-stop playtime between the two cuties. The kitten loves nothing more than to bite and pounce on his big German shepherd brother, who seems to enjoy the kitten and ever so gently bites him back.

The two could not be more adorable as they were in the yard, playing hide and seek, and chasing each other around the house. Like all kittens, this one likes to hide and ambush the dog. It is truly hilarious to watch their antics.

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These special friends become truly inseparable and also love to share cuddles and nap time, snuggled up close together. How they love and adore each other is the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.

They can get rowdy, too. But no matter how much the kitten pounces on and attacks the German shepherd, he is always kind and, happy to play with his new little bro until he eventually gets exhausted.

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The kitten is so lucky to have a brave German shepherd on his side. The two have years of special friendship ahead of them and are already best friends. We hope you enjoyed their adorable video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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