Retiring MWD Dog And His Handler Receive The Best News

“When she went to the K9’s retirement ceremony, she had no idea she’d be getting the surprise of her life”

Her MWD K9 partner of two years was getting ready to retire and there was no way she was going to miss the ceremony. It didn’t matter how far she had to drive or how hard it might be to get there.

She was not going to miss it for the world. So, she drove 12 hours so she could be there for the special dog. They worked side-by-side for two years and she had not seen the dog in three months.

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Overcome with emotion, she said:

“I tried to overcome the tears and soak up every moment with him, thinking, I was about to leave him again.”

The pictures of the ceremony are heartwarming, and it is clear she is so proud of her MWD dog. Her smile shows nothing but pride and love for the selfless dog who gave so much for his country.

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Then when it was all over, her world changed….

She shared:

“I got the surprise I fought for, prayed for, and needed with my whole heart.”

To her shock, once the ceremony was over and everyone was out of uniform, she was told the happy news. She could take her K9 home with her forever!

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From that moment on there was nothing but happy tears. With deep appreciation, she thanked them from the bottom of her heart for giving her the gift of the dog she loved with all her heart.

Then the dog and soldier left, walking through the gate, and into their new life together. Reunited with nothing stopping them from being together, forever.

The sweet reunion is almost like a movie with the happiest of endings.

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