Homeless German Screams In Delight When He Sees The Ocean For The First Time

“This guy was so excited about being at the beach for the first time that he couldn’t contain his anticipation over hitting the waves”

The ocean is impressive but this homeless dog’s reaction to seeing it for the first time will make your heart swell as big as the waves in the sea.

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So how did a homeless German shepherd, who spent five years of his life on a chain, end up spending an exciting day at the beach? Here’s his story…

Herschel was living in a shelter when he was selected to be on Rocky Kanaka’s show, Dog’s Day Out, which takes shelter dogs out to spend the best day they’ve ever had. On his special day, he got to see snow for the first time and got to give out free hugs.

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The best part about that day out was that it led to his adoption by his new mom named Kim who lived in Washington State. Since Herschel had to travel there, that meant a fun road trip. Part of that trip included a stop at the beach, which Herschel had the most amazing reaction to.

Herschel was experiencing lots of happy firsts because he lived through a very sad history. Before he arrived at the shelter, he spent five lonely years chained in a backyard. Neglected and living in a dirty dog house, even his teeth were worn away from chewing on his chain.

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It was doubtful Herschel had ever had what any dog lover would call a happy day or even a normal dog experience, which caused trouble for him. Because somehow, he did end up in a shelter, where he was adopted twice only to be returned both times.

Despite how cute and sweet Herschel was, his prospects seemed bleak. Since dogs that get returned are often labeled unadoptable and end up euthanized. However, a nonprofit organization called Adopt and Shop learned about his situation and stepped in to help.

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That is when Rocky Kanaka got involved. He decided to help Herschel and show him the love he deserved and helped him get adopted. On the way to his new forever home, Herschel got to experience lots of first like his first fun adventure, burrito, and ice cream cone

But the highlight of the trip was Herschel’s over-the-top response to seeing the ocean for the first time. Herschel was so excited; that he couldn’t stop screaming in exhilaration. Like a child jumping up and down, Herschel couldn’t wait to get his paws in the sand.

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So, they raced down to the beach where Herschel hit the waves for the first time. Like a dolphin, he jumped in the water and it was as if he had been missing this moment for his whole life, he loved it so much.

Herschel is the sweetest boy and we’re so glad we got to experience part of his happy ending with him. We wish him the best in his new home and hope that he gets to go to the beach a lot more. Please feel free to share his adorable video with your friends..

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