German Shepherd Shot By Owners Is Adopted By Two Police Officers

“This dog didn’t deserve what happened to him but thankfully is doing well now and has a new family to love him”

German shepherds trust us to care for them and treat them with love. So, you can only imagine what this dog went through when he was shot twice by his owner, resulting in the loss of his leg.

According to police, a German shepherd named Thunda was found wounded at the Derby Picnic Grove on Nutmeg in Connecticut. He had been shot twice by his owner, one bullet was lodged in his shoulder, and another had shattered his leg.

Thunda was taken to the VCA Shoreline veterinary medical facility where his leg had to be amputated to save his life. Thunda’s owners, Stranja Perrin and Anthony Singletary were both charged in the case, according to the CTPost.

At first, both owners denied owning the dog.  But investigators determined that they had owned a male German Shepherd that matched Thunda’s description. Police also have video surveillance placing Perrin’s car at the park, where officers found ten 9 mm casings that matched ammunition in two 9 mm handguns Perrin was licensed to carry.

Despite all he endured, Thunda, who has been renamed Sheriff, will have a happy ending with a new family. He’s been adopted by two police officers, Dan, and Victoria Loris, who want nothing more than to give him a great home.

Dan, who is a former K-9 officer in Shelton now works for the Fairfield Police Department.  He recently lost his K-9 partner, Stryker. Victoria is an officer with the Shelton Police Department.

“Victoria felt from the moment she heard about Sheriff he would be theirs,” the post from the Shelton animal shelter said.

Sheriff is recovering well from his injuries and is still able to enjoy life. “Sheriff has adjusted very well with only having three legs and runs, plays, and swims,” the animal shelter said in a Facebook post-Thursday. “He can be clumsy at times but is such a good boy.”

We’re so happy to learn that Sheriff is revering well and has a new family to love him. It’s also great that he can help fill the void left after the loss of K-9 Stryker. We hope you enjoyed hearing that he did get a happy ending. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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